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Forest Tree Genetic Stock Center


The Forest Tree Genomics Stock Center (FTGSC) at the University of California at Davis provides collection, preservation, and distribution of forest tree DNA to the forest research community. Primary support for this service is provided by the USDA National Institute for Food and Agriculture (NIFA, formerly CSREES) and the USDA Forest Service.

The Forest Tree Genomics Stock Center performs four primary services:
    1. Conifer Sample Collection & Storage
    2. DNA Extraction
    3. Web-based Sample Search & Information Retrieval
    4. Web-based Sample Ordering

DNA Extraction and Storage
The Neale Lab at UCDavis is responsible for coordinating the collection of samples from a variety of tissues within important association and diversity study populations from several different forest tree species. Collection of critical populations, barcoding of the samples, and DNA extractions are currently underway.
Information Retrieval & Sample Ordering
Sample information retrieval and sample ordering services are available through the Sample Search pages. Information about the population sets provided by the stock center are available through the Populations Sets page.
Sample Submission
To submit samples to the FTGSC, please fill out the form found on the Sample Submissions page.

Icon 03 Updates

PineRefSeq project releases assembly (v2.0) of the Pinus taeda genome Walnut genome project releases assembly (v1.0) of the Juglans regia genome PineRefSeq project releases assembly (v1.0) of the Pseudotsuga menziesii genome PineRefSeq project releases assembly (v1.0) of the Pinus lambertiana genome CartograTree (v3.0), a map interface that works with DiversiTree to bring together genomics, ecological, and trait data is now live! PineRefSeq project releases assembly (v1.01) of the Pinus teada genome SMarTForests Project releases the third assembly of the Picea glauca genome

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Trentino, Italy
June 15-17, 2017
34th Southern Forest Tree Improvement Conference

Melbourne, Florida, USA
June 19-22, 2017