Walnut Genome and Molecular Breeding Project

Application of Marker Breeding in the Walnut Improvement Program


Walnut genome project releases assembly (v1.0) of the Juglans regia genome (Martínez-García et al, in preparation).

Walnut Genome Paper Accepted Full Text

A chandler walnut tree

This project aims to obtain the genome sequence of walnut (Junglans regia), cultivar ‘Chandler’. Additionally a new assembly of the all expressed genes sequences (transcriptome) will be developed. These sequences that represent expressed genes on specific tissues and/or expressed genes in response to various abiotic or biotic stress were generated by the Dandekar lab under earlier funding from the CWB and have a great value for the completeness of the walnut genome. A well annotated genome is a great tool for the breeders, allowing the discovery of genes, determining their position and function, as well as the development of large marker collections. These new markers can be used for marker-assisted selection, including marker assisted breeding, or new strategies, like genomic selection.

Funding for the Walnut Genome and Molecular Breeding Project is provided by the California Walnut Board

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