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Conifer Genome Network PineRefSeq Project SMarTForests Project Conifer Translational Genomics Network TreeGenes Database Dendrome Plone Forestry Careers and Education Resource

Submission Links
Please find information on how to submit genetic information to TreeGenes on this page. If you do not find the data type you are looking for, please contact us directly here.

CMAP Submission Page   
This submission process will provide a template form for you to enter the genetic data in to be uploaded onto TreeGenes and obtain an accession to view the genetic maps. Please follow the instructions as you have two options to submit the data:
1) Submitting genetic data to an existing publication within TreeGenes
2) Submitting both genetic data and publication information to TreeGenes

TreeGenes Data Repository Submission Page   
This submission process will allow you to upload genotype (marker information), phenotype, and/or environmental data into the TreeGenes database. Results of association tests will be accepted as raw P-values and all files will be collectively available using a single TG accession. Results can be released immediately or held until publication of the manuscript.

To add a publication to the TreeGenes database please send us an email with your request.

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PineRefSeq project releases assembly (v2.0) of the Pinus taeda genome Walnut genome project releases assembly (v1.0) of the Juglans regia genome PineRefSeq project releases assembly (v1.0) of the Pseudotsuga menziesii genome PineRefSeq project releases assembly (v1.0) of the Pinus lambertiana genome CartograTree (v3.0), a map interface that works with DiversiTree to bring together genomics, ecological, and trait data is now live! PineRefSeq project releases assembly (v1.01) of the Pinus teada genome SMarTForests Project releases the third assembly of the Picea glauca genome

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