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Colleague Directory

The Dendrome project maintains a comprehensive colleague database for researchers in and related to the field of forest genetics. This directory stores information on individuals research interests and species specialities. Members of TreeGenes receive regular updates and new features on the site. In addition, members are associated with publications, species records, and data sets they are associated with. Users of TreeGenes are encouraged to contribute to the content and assist in improving the resource for the community!

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This database currently represents 2140 colleagues from 94 countries and 874 organizations

Colleague Name Position Organization Update Lab
Aas, Gregor University Bayreuth4/97UBA
Abbott, Albert Adjunct ProfessorClemson University2/95CLU
Ab Ghani, Ab Rasip Tree ImprovemntForestry Research Institute of Malaysia10/97FRIM
Abraitis, Rokas Research ScientistLithuanian Forest Research Institute04/02LFRI
Ab-Shukor, No Aini University of Malaysia05/04
Acar, Can HeadEGE Ormancilik Arastirma Enstitusu6/95
Acar, M. Ilker DirectorEGE Ormancilik Arastirma Enstitusu10/97
Adam, Dieter Rayonier07/04R
Adams, Greg Tree ImprovementJ.D. Irving Ltd.2/95JIL
Adams, John C. ProfessorLouisiana Tech University2/95LTU
Adams, Tom ProfessorOregon State University10/97OSU
Adams, W. Thomas HeadOregon State University06/04OSU
Adewusi, Hassan G. Centre for Environment, Renewable Natural Resources Manager, Research and Development (CENRAD)1/98CFERN
Adrianova, Irina Research ScientistRussian Academy of Science- Far East Branch04/07
Afzal-Rafii, Zara DirectorCNRS, URA 115210/97
Agrama, Hesham A. BreederApplied Molecular Genetics Laboratory10/97AMGL
Aguiar, Alexandre Research ScientistINIA Estacao Florestal Nacional2/99IEFN
Agundez, Dolores BreederC.I.F.O.R. Spain10/97CIFOR
Aharoni, Asaph Research ScientistWeizmann Institute of Science4/2006
Ahlawat, Sudhir Forest GeneticistIndian Agricultural Research Institute01/06IARI
Ahuja, M. Raj HeadFederal Research Center of Forestry and Forest Products (Germany)3/98FRCF
Aimers-Halliday, Jacqueline New Zealand Forest Research Institute05/04NZFRI
Aitken-Christie, Jenny Carter Holt Harvey Forests Ltd.6/95CHHFL
Aitken, Sally ProfessorUniversity of British Columbia (Aitken)11/5/2012UBCA
Akinsinde, Babatunde A. Research AssociateICRAF IITA MPT Project10/97IIMP
Akkas, Mehmet HeadEGE Ormancilik Arastirma Enstitusu6/95
Alan, Murat SilviculturistFaculty of Forestry8/5/2016FF
Alazard, Pierre A.F.O.C.E.L.4/00
Alban-Contreras, Luis E. Research ScientistUniversity of Pretoria7/98
Alba, Nuria EngineerC.I.F.O.R. Spain11/97CIFOR
Alexandrov, Alexander H. HeadForest Research Institute6/98FRI_OLD
Alfenas, Acelino Adjunct ProfessorUniversidade Federal de Vi├žosa4/1/2014UFV
Alia, Ricardo C.I.F.O.R. Spain05/04CIFOR
Alizoti, Paraskevi ProfessorAristotelian University of Thessaloniki10/07AUT
Allavena, Stefano DirectorMinistero Risorse Agricole e Forestali2/95
Allen, Bill ProfessorHumboldt State University11/97HSU
Almeida, Maria Associate DirectorInstituto Superior de Agronomia3/6/2012ISA
Almqvist, Curt Senior ReseacherSkogforsk3/6/2012S
Aloni, Roni Tree PhysiologistBotany,Tel Aviv University2/95BTAU
Altman, Arie Hebrew University of Jerusalem05/04HUJ
Alvarez, Arnaldo Associate DirectorInstituto de Investigaciones Forestales (Cuba)6/00IDIFC
Alvarez-Buylla, Elena A W Faber Castell05/04WFC
Alvarez de la Puente, Jose M. EGMASA09/04EGM
Alvarez-Ruiz, Migdalia Department HeadUniversity of Puerto Rico03/05UPR
Amaral, Weber ProfessorHarvard University10/97HU
Amerson, Henry North Carolina State University05/04NCSU1
Anamthawat-Jonsson, Kesara Professor09/07
Anderson, Catalina M. INTA7/97INTA
Anderson, Paul D. U S D A Forest Service08/01USDF
Andersson, Bengt Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences06/04UPS1
Andrew, Brown Information TechnologyUniversity of Connecticut, Dept EEB2/26/2014UCON
Anekonda, Thimmappa, S. Adjunct ProfessorOregon State University10/96OSU
Ansari, Shamim Akhtar Research ScientistTFRI - Tropical Forest Research Institute - India11/12/2013TPFRI
Antola, Jukka A. Development OfficerFoundation For Forest Tree Breeding3/01FFRI
Apiolaza, Luis R&DUniversity of Tasmania07/04
Apiolaza, Luis Alejandro Assistant ProfessorUniversity of Auckland4/5/2010UAK
Appel, David Adjunct ProfessorTexas A&M University Genetics05/04
Aquirre, Juan University of Veracruzana05/04UV1
Aravanopoulos, Filippos ProfessorAristotelian University of Thessaloniki10/07AUT
Argimak, Ziya DirectorOrman Agaclari Ve Tohumlari Islah Arastirma Enstitusu11/97
Arista, Montserrat University of Sevilla05/04US
Armstrong, Jayne V. Division of Environmental and Evolutionary Biology, IBLS2/95DEEBI
Arnold, Roger J. Research ScientistAustralian Tree Seed Centre07/97ATSC
Aronen, Tuija Finnish Forest Research Institute06/05FFRI
Arya, Sarita Research ScientistForest Research Institute10/97FRI_OLD
Asada, Takayuki Oji Paper Company Ltd05/04OPCL
Askew, George R. ProfessorClemson University2/95CLU
Ata,Cemil DeanKara Elmas Universitesi11/97
Atalla, Nabil Natural Resources SpecialistBureau of Land Management03/06BLM
Atanassov, Atanas ProfessorInstitute of Genetic Engineering05/04
Atasoy, Hasret DirectorOrmancilik Arastirma Enstitusu03/04
Aussenac, Gilbert INRA, Institut National Recherche Agronomique (FRANCE)05/04INR1
Avcioglu, Ergun Research ScientistEGE Ormancilik Arastirma Enstitusu10/97
Avia, Komlan Research FellowshipUniversity of Oulu5/28/2013UOU
Avramenko, Raissa S. Central Research Institute of Forest Genetics and Breeding2/95CRIFGB
de Assis, Teotonio F. Riocell SA08/97

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PineRefSeq project releases assembly (v2.0) of the Pinus taeda genome Walnut genome project releases assembly (v1.0) of the Juglans regia genome PineRefSeq project releases assembly (v1.0) of the Pseudotsuga menziesii genome PineRefSeq project releases assembly (v1.0) of the Pinus lambertiana genome CartograTree (v3.0), a map interface that works with DiversiTree to bring together genomics, ecological, and trait data is now live! PineRefSeq project releases assembly (v1.01) of the Pinus teada genome SMarTForests Project releases the third assembly of the Picea glauca genome

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Trentino, Italy
June 15-17, 2017
34th Southern Forest Tree Improvement Conference

Melbourne, Florida, USA
June 19-22, 2017

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