Strobusphere Meeting 2016

Strobusphere Meeting
June 1-3, 2016
Happy Camp, CA
Amanda De la Torre and David Neale
This meeting was held at Happy Camp, California and hosted by Amanda De La Torre and David Neale from the University of California at Davis (UCDavis). Twenty people attend the meeting, eight of them gave oral presentations. A major focus of the meeting was the resistance to white pine blister rust caused by the exotic pathogen Cronartium ribicola; as well as the development of new genomic and transcriptomic resources in sugar pine, whitebark pine, western white pine, and other Strobus pines species.
  • Charles Langley (UC Davis) Genomics of Cr1 in sugar pine
  • Detlev Vogler (US Forest Service), White pine blister rust in sugar pine
  • Jessica Wright (US Forest Service), Transcriptomic resources in white pines
  • Pedro Martinez-Garcia (UCDavis), Transcriptome of sugar pine
  • Zolton Bair (Oregon State University), Using transcriptomics to identify candidate genes associated with blister rust resistance in whitebark pine
  • Jun-jun Liu (Natural resources Canada), White pine blister rust in western white pine
  • Richard Sniezko (US Forest Service), Rust resistance in the 8 white pine species of western North America: where are we now?
  • Bob Westfall (US Forest Service), Recruitment and mortality in high elevation 5 needle pines-adaptation to climate change

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Strobusphere 2016
June 1-3, 2016
Happy Camp, CA

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