Strobus Species

Species Common Name Research
P. monticolawestern white PineUCD, PSW, PNW, RMRS, CFS, R5, R6
P. strobuseastern white pineCFS, PSW
P. lambertianasugar pineUCD, PSW, R5, R6
P. balfourarniafoxtail pineUCD, PSW, PNW, R5
P. flexilislimber pineUCD, PSW, PNW, RMRS
P. aristataRocky Mountain bristlecone pineRMRS, PSW, UCD
P. strobiformissouthwestern white pineRMRS, PSW, R6
P. longaevagreat basin bristlecone pineRMRS, UCD, PSW
P. albicauliswhitebark pineUCD, PSW, R6
P. ayachuiteMexican white pineUCD, PSW, PNW
P. cembraSwiss stone pineUCD, PSW, PNW
P. parvifloraJapanese white pineUCD, PSW, PNW
P. koraiensisKorean white pineUCD, PSW, PNW
P. armandiiChinese white pineUCD, PSW, PNW
P. wallichianaBhutan pineUCD, PSW, PNW
P. pumilaSiberian dwarf pineUCD, PSW, PNW
P. peuceMacedonian pineUCD, PSW, PNW
Cronartium ribicolaWhite pine blister rustUCB/CFS, PSW, RMRS
Castelleja miniataIndian paintbrushUCB/CFS, RMRS
Pedicularis racemosaParrot's beakUCB/CFS, RMRS
Ribes ssp.Currants and GooseberryUCB, RMRS

Past Meetings

Strobusphere 2016
June 1-3, 2016
Happy Camp, CA

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IUFRO Genetics of Five-Needle Pines and Rusts Conference
June 15-20, 2014
Ft. Collins, CO

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StrobuSphere 2012
May 10-11, 2012
Happy Camp, CA

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2010 WPBR Workshop
July 1, 2010
Missoula, Montana
Organizers: David Neale and Kathie Jermstad

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2008 WPBR Workshop
October 21-22, 2008
Cottage Grove, Oregon
Organizers: David Neale and Kathie Jermstad

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