Conifer Translational Genomics Network - Coordinated Agricultural Project (CTGN - CAP)

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Access to Project Data
DiversiTree Workspace: A user-friendly platform to search sequence identifiers, functional annotations, phenotypes, and SNPs. Supports both specific and large-scale searches.
Dendrome Downloads: Flat-file download site currently hosting genotyped loci/samples and phenotyped identifiers/definitions/values.
Forest Tree Genetic Stock Center: Obtain detailed reports on the samples from DNA extraction through genotyping. Data is organized by institution.
Online Learning Modules
Genomics in Tree Breeding and Forest Ecosystem Management
Literature reviews
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Hayes BJ, PJ Bowman, AJ Chamberlain, and ME Goddard. 2009. Genomic selection in dairy cattle: Progress and challenges. J. Dairy Sci. 92:433-443.
"Why do we care about genetics" is a set of 12 factsheets, authored by conservation geneticist Deborah Rogers, which were the idea of Valerie Hipkins, director of the National Forest Genetics Laboratory at the US Forest Service Pacific Southwest Research Station, Placerville, CA USA who provided funding. Because of their relevance to this project, the factsheets are being made available here as a further background resource.
1. Why is genetic diversity important?
2. How can genetic information be useful in natural resource management?
3. Why is genetic diversity always changing?
4. Are patterns of genetic diversity important?
5. What is a genetic marker?
6. What is quantitative genetic variation?
7. What's in a name - Is all DNA the same?
8. How do I plan a genetic study?
9. What are the genetic risks associated with planting decisions?
10. Can genetic diversity be influenced by nursery practices?
11. What is genetic erosion and how can it be managed?
12. Is genetic management important in urban landscapes?