Conifer Translational Genomics Network - Coordinated Agricultural Project (CTGN - CAP)

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The CTGN management framework includes a project director (PD), co-project directors (Co-PDs), a project coordinator (PC), an education/extension evaluation manager, a scientific advisory board (SAB), a stakeholders and users committee (SAUC), an extension committee, an education committee, and team leaders derived from the PDs (see figure). Another display of the relationships between collaborators and objectives is available here. The Project Director, David Neale, and the Project Coordinator, Patrick McGuire, coordinate and facilitate all management activities including daily communications, progress reports, annual meetings, and website postings. Postings of schedules, progress reports, communications, and data uploads will be organized by the project coordinator and posted to this website and to the plone that was established to facilitate interactions among PDs, graduate students, and other collaborators. The Plone has been established on the Dendrome server at UC Davis.

Neale ensures close coordination of CTGN activities with those of the NSF-sponsored ADEPT2 SNP association/discovery project for which he is Co-PI. Team leaders are responsible for management, evaluation, and monitoring of individual goals and objectives. The Curriculum Development and Curriculum Delivery team leader, Nick Wheeler, develops, coordinates, and implements all workshops, class-room evaluations of modules, and education/extension activity reports to the PD. Active management of the project will follow scheduled activities and recommendations from the oversight committees.

Stakeholders and Users Committee (SAUC)

To insure a broader perspective and vision for how this technology may benefit the community, we invite members of the SAUC to attend project annual meetings as observers. The specific responsibilities of the SAUC members are to guide the project toward desirable applications and help plan outreach and dissemination activities in addition to those already envisioned. The SAUC members will include representatives from the US Forest Service, Weyerhaeuser Company, ArborGen, and the Institute of Forest Biotechnology.

Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)

The SAB reviews annual reports/presentations and provides real-time and written comments on project direction, methods, and outcomes.

Education Committee

The Education Committee provides advice and feedback for the curriculum development components of the project.

Extension Committee

The Extension Committee reviews and provides advice for the curriculum delivery components of the project.