Conifer Translational Genomics Network - Coordinated Agricultural Project (CTGN - CAP)

» International Symposium: Genomics-Based Breeding in Forest Trees

22-24 June 2011 :: University of California, Davis CA USA

Venue: Alpha Gamma Rho Room, Buehler Alumni and Visitor Center, UC Davis Campus

Dramatic changes in genomic tool development coupled with evolving approaches to marker application made this a perfect time to address the status of genomics-based breeding in forest trees. The pace of genomic sequence acquisition is exploding and the tools for detecting and validating markers (SNPs) and high-throughput genotyping are readily available for virtually all forest tree species. Nearly 20 years of experimentation with approaches to dissecting complex traits in forest trees using QTL mapping and association genetics clearly demonstrates proof of concept for marker-informed breeding applications. The current interest in genomic selection provides an additional dimension for discussion. The purpose of this symposium was to review the status of genomic resources in forest trees and to define a clear path to operational application of marker-informed breeding.

An International Science Advisory Committee assembled a program with these five sessions:
Marker-Informed Program Management and Beyond
Genotype Building and Marker-Informed Introgression
Marker-Informed Breeding to Improve Selection Efficiency and Accuracy
Challenges to Implementation of Marker-Informed Breeding
Genomic Selection

Each session led off with a plenary speaker setting the stage with the challenges and potential for the topic and then two to four invited speakers rounded out the topic with relevant case studies and progress reports from a wide range of taxa, not just trees.

Symposium Program [Final: 19 June 2011]

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