Conifer Translational Genomics Network - Coordinated Agricultural Project (CTGN - CAP)

» Dorena Workshop - 2010

To meet the needs of government service individuals and others, we offered a two-day workshop tailored to their specific needs. The Dorena workshop was well attended (22 persons) with representation from state and regional BLM and USFS offices (12), University Extension Research groups (2), private company breeders (2), and University scientists (3) and graduate students (2) from Oregon, Washington, California, Colorado, and Hawaii. The focus of the course shifted from the breeder to the ecosystem land manager, though the nature of the shift was primarily in how the data we obtain using modern genomic tools may be applied. Specific presentation topics included:

  • population and quantitative genetics;
  • complex trait dissection including QTL and association mapping;
  • SNP discovery and landscape genomics; and
  • marker applications in forestry.

In addition, we facilitated discussions on how attendees would like to see genomics applied in ecosystem management issues, and how field scientists could contribute to landscape genomics studies while they are conducting routine field work in remote regions. A number of queries and requests were made and team members followed up all points. Discussion session notes were recorded, along with requests and responses and an evaluation summary has been compiled. Dr. Richard Sniezko, USDA Forest Service, was the primary workshop organizer.

Discussion session notes

Evaluation summary

Participants in action