Conifer Translational Genomics Network - Coordinated Agricultural Project (CTGN - CAP)

» Education and Extension

The principal goal of the CTGN is to bring genomics - based breeding to application within the duration of the Project. The CTGN team is distinguished among the crop CAPs in that most team members are involved in both of the two distinct but critical elements of our Project: providing the science to validate genetic associations and directing the major tree improvement cooperatives that will apply the technology in operational programs. In this sense, we are simultaneously the drivers behind the science, the immediate target of extension, and the platform for delivering education and more distributed extension materials. In addition to our contributions to tree breeding, the genomic tools developed during this Project will utility to natural resource managers for other ecosystem applications.

CTGN has developed an assertive and comprehensive education and extension program designed to provide training for post-doctoral researchers, graduate and undergraduate students, tree breeders, managers, stakeholders and the general public. These efforts are delivered in varied manner and venues, all of which are described at the links below.