Neale Lab Location

The office is located at 262 Robbins Hall at the University of California at Davis.


Contact Information

  • Phone (Office): 530-752-8413
  • Phone (Lab): 530-752-8158
  • Phone (Dendrome): 530-754-9365
  • Fax: 530-754-9366
  • Mailing Address:
    262C Robbins Hall,
    Mail Stop 4,
    University of California,
    One Shields Avenue,
    Davis, CA 95616



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Latest Publications

A. Carrasco, J.L. Wegrzyn, R. Durán, M. Fernández, A. Donoso, V. Rodriguez, D.B. Neale, S. Valenzuela (2017) Expression profiling in Pinus radiata infected with Fusarium circinatum. Tree Genetics and Genomes. 13:46-46. Full Text.
B.M. Lind, C.J. Friedline, J.L. Wegrzyn, P.E. Maloney, D.R. Vogler, D.B. Neale, A.J. Eckert (2017) Water availability drives signatures of local adaptation in whitebark pine (Pinus albicaulis Englm.) across fine spatial scales of the Lake Tahoe Basin, USA. Molecular Ecology. :-. Full Text.
D. B. Neale, P. J. Martinez-Garcia, A. R. De La Torre, S. Montanari, X. Wei (2017) Novel Insights into Tree Biology and Genome Evolution as Revealed Through Genomics. Annual Review of Plant Biology. 68:1-1. Full Text.
A. V. Zimin, K. A. Stevens, M. W. Crepeau, D. Puiu, J. L. Wegrzyn, J. A. Yorke, C. H. Langley, D. B. Neale, S. L. Salzberg (2017) An Improved Assembly of the Loblolly Pine Mega-Genome Using Long-Read Single-Molecule Sequencing. Giga Science. 6:1-4. Full Text. Supplemental.
J.S. Xiong, S.E. McKeand, F. Isik, J. Wegrzyn, D.B. Neale, Z. Zeng, L. da Costa e Silva, R.W. Whetten (2016) Quantitative Trait Loci Influencing Forking Defects in an Outbred Pedigree of Loblolly Pine. . 17:138-138. Full Text.
C. Vangestel, A. Vázquez-Lobo, P.J. Martínez-García, I. Calic, J.L. Wegrzyn, D.B. Neale (2016) Patterns of neutral and adaptive genetic diversity across the natural range of sugar pine (Pinus lambertiana Dougl.) . Tree Genetics and Genomes. 12:51-51. Full Text.
S.T. Kujala, T. Knürr, K. Kärkkäinen, D.B. Neale, M.J. Sillanpää, O. Savolainen (2016) Genetic Heterogeneity Underlying Variation in a Locally Adaptive Clinal Trait in Pinus sylvestris Revealed by a Bayesian Multipopulation Analysis. Heredity. 115:1-1. Full Text.
K.A. Stevens, J. Wegrzyn, A. Zimin, D. Puiu, M. Crepeau, C. Cardeno, R. Paul, D. Gonzalez-Ibeaz, M. Koriabine, A. Holtz-Morris, P. Martinez-Garcia, U. Sezen, G. Marcais, K. Jermstad, P. McGuire, C.A. Loopstra, J. M. Davis, A. Eckert, P. deJong, J.A. Yorke, S.L. Salzberg, D.B. Neale, C.H. Langley (2016) Sequence of the Sugar Pine Megagenome. Genetics. 204: - . Full Text. Supplemental.
D. Gonzalez-Ibeas, P.J. Martinez-Garcia, R.A. Famula, A. Delfino-Mix, K.A. Stevens, C.A. Loopstra, C.H. Langley, D.B. Neale,J.L. Wegrzyn (2016) Assessing the Gene Content of the Megagenome: Sugar Pine (Pinus lambertiana). G3: Genes|Genomes|Genetics . 1: - . Full Text. Supplemental.
Maloney P.E., Eckert A.J., Vogler D.R., Jensen C.E., Delfino Mix A., Neale D.B. (2016) Landscape Biology of Western White Pine: Implications for Conservation of a Widely-Distributed Five-Needle Pine at Its Southern Range Limit. Forests. 7:93-102. Full Text.

Latest Meeting Abstracts

Martinez-Garcia P.J., Stevens K., Wegrzyn J., Liechty J., Crepeau M., Langley C., Neale D. 2013. A Comprehensive High-Density Genetic Linkage Map For Loblolly Pine (Pinus taeda L.). International Plant & Animal Genome XXI. January 12 - January 16, 2013.
Mockaitis K., Fuentes-Soriano S., Loopstra C., We J., Neale D. 2013. Building References For Functional Genomics Of Conifer Development: Deep Sequencing and Comparative Gene Expression In Reproductive Tissues and Seeds Of Loblolly Pine. International Plant & Animal Genome XXI. January 12 - January 16, 2013.
Wegrzyn J., Lin B., Zieve J., Stevens K., Neale D., Martinez-Garcia P.J., Dougherty M. 2013. Insights Into The Loblolly Pine Genome: Characterization Of Fosmid Sequences. International Plant & Animal Genome XXI. January 12 - January 16, 2013.
Wegrzyn J., Figueroa B., Yu J., Vasquez-Gross H., Liechty J., Lin B., Zieve J., Ip J., Neale D. 2013. P-0948 Bioinformatic Solutions in Forest Genomics: Accessing the TreeGenes Database. International Plant & Animal Genome XXI. January 14, 2013.
Kaya Z., Gulsoy A.D., Ulug A., Wegrzyn J., Neale D. 2013. P0760 - SNP Diversity of Candidate Genes Encoding Cellulose and Lignin Biosynthetic Enzymes in Populus nigra Clone Bank in Turkey: Its Implications for Conservation and Breeding. International Animal & Plant Genome XXI. January 14, 2013.