Summary of CRSP

The overall goal of this project is to discover the genetic variation that underlies the differences among pine species and among individuals within a single species. There are two major goals: (1) to develop bioinformatic, genomic and database resources for Pinaceae comparative genomics and (2) to understand the evolution of genetic diversity both within and between species using the family Pinaceae. The family Pinaceae is one of eight families of the order Coniferales (conifers) and includes 10 genera and ~220 species, several of economic importance.






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Latest Publications

Chen J., Kallman T., Ma X., Gyllenstrand N., Zaina G., Morgante M., Bousquet J., Eckert A., Wegrzyn J., Neale D., Lagercrantz U., Lascoux M. (2012) Disentangling the Roles of History and Local Selection in Shaping Clinal Variation of Allele Frequencies and Gene Expression in Norway Spruce (Picea abies). Genetics. 191:865-881. Full Text.
Jermstad K.D., Eckert A.J., Wegrzyn J.L., Delfino-Mix A., Davis D.A., Burton D.C., Neale D.B. (2011) Comparative mapping in Pinus: sugar pine (Pinus lambertiana Dougl.) and loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.). Tree Genetics and Genomes. 7:457-468. Full Text.
Wegrzyn J.L., Lee J.M., Liechty J., Neale D.B. (2009) PineSAP - Sequence Alignment and SNP Identification Pipeline. Bioinformatics. 25:2609-2610. Full Text.

Latest Meeting Abstracts

Neale D.B. 2009. Association studies for complex traits in conifers. Genome Scans and Association Mapping. Workshop on Opportunities, Challenges and Limitations of Genomics-Based Technologies in Forest Tree Breeding and Forest Genetics. October 9, 2009.